What Are the Advantages Of Building Your Own Home?

October 15th, 2013 studerdesigns


As a prospective or current homeowner, you may be aware that building a new home is an option, but it’s easy to become intimidated and write off the idea of paying for a home building service. However, when you look at it more closely, it’s easy to see the benefits that make building your own home a unique investment.


First, there’s the knowledge that you and your family will be living in a residence you’ve designed yourself and takes into accountHome Additions Northern Kentucky all of the important factors you think should go into a home. Ever move into a new residence and have your excitement wane the minute you notice a crack in the wall or a wiring issue you didn’t notice before? Not only will your entire residence be brand new, the best possible condition for a house to be in, you’ll know exactly what to expect from every square inch of your new home before you ever step foot in it.


You’ll also be able to expect the best designed kitchen, bathrooms and other living spaces that your money can buy. Instead of throwing money at a previously constructed home, hoping a few rooms meet your basic requirements, you have the opportunity to construct your house from the ground up. Not only will the rooms meet all of your requirements, you design them to be your own private work of art, which you live in.


Another benefit to designing your own home is the knowledge it will already be up to code. Many homebuyers are discouraged when a property code officer goes through a residence and finds thousands of dollars worth of code improvements that must be made. Home construction folds these hidden costs of buying a home into one lump sum that is agreed upon well ahead of starting the build.


Cutom House Deisigns KentuckyBuilding a new home also benefits the family moving into the new residence because the newest available technologies can be easily implemented in a number of ways. Energy efficient appliances can be installed throughout the home to cut down dramatically on electricity and gas costs. New advances in technology can bring many means of entertainment and comfort to a family without requiring thousands of dollars to remodel a home for a downstairs theater or other luxury space.


When you’re ready to take on the idea of building your own abode, you’ll need a professional home design service that’s capable of giving you what you want for an affordable price. Studer Residential Designs works throughout Cincinnati, OH, and northern Kentucky to create stunning home designs that a family can cherish for generations. Call us today to discuss how we can help you build your dream home.


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